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The Ant And The Dove(螞蟻與鴿子)

One day a little ant was walking along the bank of a stream. His foot slipped and he fell into the water. “Oh, help, help!” cried the ant. A dove was sitting on a branch of a tree over the stream and heard his cry of help. “Oh, poor ant!” said the dove. “I will help the ant.”

The dove pulled off a leaf and dropped it near the ant. “Here is a leaf. Climb on it,” said the dove. The ant climbed on it at once and floated to the bank.

A few days after this a hunter found the dove and was going to shoot her. Just then the ant passed by and said to himself, “This time I must help the dove.” The ant ran to the hunter and bit his foot hard. The hunter sprang up and missed to shoot the dove. The dove said to the ant, “Thank you very much, my little friend. You have saved my life,” and she could fly away happily.

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