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潤餅的由來---英文版 !!!

我需要 潤餅的由來--- means History of the Spring Roll,

also if there is any recipe will be better,

thx for the helping ~~its urgent ~~~!!!

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    Spring Rolls

    Spring rolls are a rolled-stuffed wrapper filled with minced vegetables, fish, and meats. Through the years spring rolls and egg rolls have become synonymous but they are two distinctly different dishes.  Spring rolls are wrapped in a thin light wrapper made of rice flour and sometimes tapioca or wheat flour and served fresh. Egg rolls are made with a thicker pastry wrapper and typically fried. There are some steamed and baked versions as well.

    History of The Name

    Originally an invention of the Chinese, Spring Rolls "chun juan" were made from the early spring vegetable crop, wrapped in thin crepe-like sheets and fried.  This basic dish has been since adapted by other Asian and Western cultures including Thailand, Japan and Vietnam.  The Vietnamese and Thai use the rice based wrapper that you can find in many grocery stores and this style spring roll is typically served fresh, not fried.   Another related version is Lumpia common in the Philippines.

    Basic Fresh Spring Roll Recipe

    12 spring roll wrappers 9" (rice paper)

    6 oz. firm tofu (not silken)

    2 T. or more soy sauce, tamari

    6 oz. thin rice noodles (vermicelli)

    48 fresh mint leaves

    1/4 head leaf lettuce

    3 shredded carrots (optional)

    spring roll sauce (see below)

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    Spring rolls (Chinese: 春卷; pinyin: chūnjuǎn) are pastries filled

    mostly with julienned vegetables (such as cabbages, carrots, or wood ear fungi). Some include strips of meat, usually beef or chicken; others have seafood in them. The filling is wrapped in a thin, flour wrapper, and can be deep fried or served as is. Pork is typically used for Vietnamese spring rolls (chả gi).

    Beside these savory spring rolls, there are sweet spring rolls with red bean paste inside in Eastern China such as Zhejiang and Northern China.

    The spring roll is often mistaken for its cousin, the egg roll, which has a thicker wrapper and contains more filling, is fried, and is part of American Chinese cuisine. The spring roll wrapper is made out of rice and remains unfried while the eggroll wrapper is egg based and fried.

    Shrimp rolls in Singapore are very small sized, with hot shrimp paste inside.

    The spring roll is popular in Australia and has a tradition of westernising Asian dishes, with its Australian counterpart known as the Chiko Roll, See also: Dim sim.

    Spring rolls are usually eaten during the Spring Festival in China, hence the name.

    Lumpia is the name for spring rolls in the Philippines and Indonesia. In the Netherlands and Belgium, spring rolls are known as Loempia (a variant spelling), typically introduced by immigrants from Indonesia.

    來源網址 : roll; 這網站也有食譜可以參考喔。


    參考資料: 自己 + 網路 ★★
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