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1. If Product is rejected, Seller agrees to supply Buyer with a Return Material Authorization Number (including replacement Product if requested by Buyer) and a containment plan within twenty four (24) hours of Seller’s receipt of notification. Seller further agrees to provide Buyer with an initial failure analysis and corrective action response within seven (7) days of notification. Seller agrees to provide failure analysis and corrective action in Jabil requested format. If replacement Product is found to be non-conforming or delivery of replacement Product is not fulfilled as required, Buyer may, at its option, cancel the related Purchase Order in whole or part, without penalty or liability whatsoever to Buyer and/or Buyer may avail of any remedy set forth herein or pursuant to applicable law.

2. The date code limitation for all inbound components shall be twenty-four (24) months from date of manufacture except Products with: (a) customer specific age limits, (b) components having lead finishes that typically exhibit poor storage life, (c) Products which contain finishes such as silver (Ag) and Palladium Silver (Pd-Ag) that do not use a Nickel (Ni) barrier, (d) moisture sensitive components which shall have a date code limitation of twelve (12) months and (e) Excluding PCB’s

(see PCB Spec 4-MT60-1000.001 latest revision).

3. Buyer shall not be liable for any federal, state or local taxes unless Buyer can not supply an appropriate tax exemption certificate. Any applicable taxes shall be separately stated on the face of this Purchase Order and separately invoiced

4. These warranties shall survive inspection, test, acceptance and payment and shall accrue to Buyer, its successors, assigns and customers.

5. If Seller breaches any warranty specified in this order or afforded by law, Buyer shall be entitled to avail itself cumulatively of all remedies in law or in equity.

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    1. 若需要退貨,賣方同意在24小時內協助買方(若買方需求亦包含產品替換)以賣方收據辦理退貨

    賣方更近而同意在七日之內 提供買方 初步錯誤分析以及相關修改動作







    4.合約內容和副款條件必須被審查測試 且被買方,受讓人和顧客所接受


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