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At least 15 die in Bangladesh riots

At least 9 people died and about 500were wounded in political riots in

Bangladesh on Saturday after the man due to take over as interim leader withdrew just hours before taking the oath. Prime Minister Begum

Khaleda Zia’s five-year mandate ended on Friday. Former Supreme Court chief justice K.M. Hasan was to have been sworn in as caretaker leader on Saturday, ahead of a national election due in January.

At least six people had been killed and more than 200 injured in mayhem on Friday that went on past midnight.

A presidential spokesman said during the night that Hasan was too ill to take the oath. Hasan had told the president he was unable to become caretaker leader, he added.

In a statement issued to the local media, Hasan said he had decided to

withdraw because major political parties had failed to agree on his


“I was prepared to serve on national interest, but the level of mistrust between the political parties has made my position untenable,” the statement said.“It is best I should stand aside rather than be a hurdle to the

political process.”

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    至少15 模子在孟加拉國暴亂 在星期六至少9 個人死了和關於500were 受傷在政治暴亂在孟加拉國在人以後適當接管當暫時的領導撤出了正義小時在立下誓言之前。在星期五總理Begum Khaleda Zia’s 五年命令結束了。在星期六前最高法院大法官K.M. Hasan 將宣誓就職當保管財物者領導, 在一次全國大選之前適當於1月。至少六個人被殺害了在繼續通過午夜的星期五並且超過200 被傷害了在打鬥流血。一位總統發言人說在夜期間, Hasan 太不適以至於不能立下誓言。Hasan 告訴他無法成為保管財物者領導的總統, 他補充說。在聲明被發布對地方媒介, Hasan 認為他決定讓步因為主要政黨未同意他的任命。“I 準備服務在國家利益, 但不信任的水平在政黨之間使我的位置難防守, ” 聲明said.“It 是最佳我應該站立在旁邊而不是是障礙對政治process.” 翻譯

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