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When Cultures Meet


Tipping can be a mystery for people living in countries where this practice is uncommon. Unfortunately, there is no general rule for tipping that applies to every country where a gratuity is expected.

In most of Northeast Asia, tipping is not as common as it is in places like the US and Canada, where tips are expected in restaurant, taxis, and salons, to name a few. Restaurant tipping in Europe is also not uncommon, though the amount is often less than the 10-15% that is common is the US and Canada.

There are some establishments that add a service charge to the bill, which takes the place of a tip. Many guests may ask about local tipping customs, and it’s important to be able to explain them.

Giving Change

Giving change is an important part of many types of services, and there are several different ways of doing it. In places like Korea and Japan, money is often put on a small tray for the customer to receive. It is sometimes viewed as impolite to hand someone money directly.

Some other cultures put money directly on the counter, but this is disliked in many parts of Europe. In the US and Canada, the most polite ways of giving change is to count the money aloud while putting it directly into the hand of the customer. This shows the customer that the change is all there and ensures that no mistake has been made.

Taxes of Goods and Services

Many countries have different taxes that are added to various goods and services. In the United States, each state has its own separate state sales tax, which generally runs between 5-8%. Japan’s consumption tax is 5%, and Singapore’s 3%. Canada has both a goods and services tax (GST)

and a provincial sales tax (PST) on many items.

In addition to these government taxes, many establishments charge a value added tax (VAT) in addition to other kinds of service charges. Since these vary from place to place, it is important to be able to explain them to guests and customers, as they can sometimes by confusing.

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