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1. Passengers that is less than 12 years old, over 65 years old, handicapped (with one person accompany), is eligible for a discounted ticket. Please present proper identification when purchase the ticket.

2. The ticket holder is already insured according to the regulations. When encountering unfocable cancellation for the trip, the holder is allowed to return for refund. The ticket will be expired in 3 days.

3. Please follow the captain and crew's instruction to embark and disembark the boat and wearing the life vest. After boarding, smoking is strictly forbidden, as the same apply for eating and drinking, beatlenut and gum chewing, and playing. Do not stay by the deck and move around. It is strictly off limit to the cockpit and all machine rooms. When Do not panic when encounter with emergency, and follow for instructions given by the crew.

4. The liner have the right to refuse to transport serious illness patients, epicdemic disease carrier, unaccomplied children, drunk, mentle illness patiets, holding dangerous and forbidding objects, items can be damaged easily and other not suitable for transporting and others that have effect on other passengers. Those who purchased the ticket already can entitle a refund.

5. The liner also have the service for a tour to the canel and charter service, please feel free to call or using our website for more information.

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    3.請跟隨隊長和全體人員的指示上船且穿戴救生衣。上船後,嚴格禁止抽菸,飲食,beatlenut, 嚼食口香糖以及玩耍。請勿於逗留於甲板以及在其四周移動。嚴禁進入駕駛員座艙及機房。當遇見緊急事故時,請勿慌張,跟隨工作人員的指示。

    4.輪船有權拒絕運送重症病人, epicdemic disease carrier,未成年兒童,酒類,精神方面問題的病人,持有危險疑慮物體的人,可能損壞的項目和不適合運送的其他物品以及會影響其他乘客的東西。已經購買票卷的人有權退款。


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