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    This city is continuously developing, the technology is advancing restlessly. People are working hard, living a busy life, thus greatly reduces the opportunities of getting in touch with their inner self; as days go by, emptiness and loneliness start to fill their soul.


    May it be an aged train (bus) ticket or an old fading photo, looking up at the moon, an event from the past triggering your old time memories, every tree and bush, every image and object, how long must these memories wait until they meet again with the soul.


    If we can converse with our soul everyday, a time machine bringing us back to the past, or a door of will taking us to wherever we wish to go, how will it be?


    Perhaps through these familiar places of the past, by projecting these memories onto an office space in the future, such as walking on the beach or staring at the ocean, a deeper level will then be possible for the soul to experience.

    參考資料: 老僑
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