Dentistry study in U of Toronto~HELP!!?

Hi there, I got my first university degree this year in Australia. My marks is around 65+ which is not good enough for me to apply detntistry in university of Toronto. My question is can I use my high school marks (96) to apply to department of science in u of t? I plan to get my science degree in u of t first then apply detentistry.

By the way, my uncles(a few) and dad are doctors, if I ask them to write me recommedation letters would this make it easier for me to get in u of t (department of science)? thank you!! Can any one give me advice please!!

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    You can probably find what you are looking for at the UofT The address of the Faculty of Dentistry is 124 Edward St....if you need any information from them. The profession of your relatives has no bearing whatsoever on your admission to science/dentistry. Every year there are about 25 applicants for every seat in the the dentistry only the top graduates...most of them with a BSc...are taken. Whether or not your degree from Australia would place you further along in the science studies I don't would need to ask somebody about the portability of courses from Aus. to here.

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    You need hand/eye coordination. People skills is most important. Lastly you need to get used to people hating you.