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這種音樂是由爵士和藍調以及當時多種曲風交織而成,最初是由電台DJ播放才引起人們的注意並由彗星樂團以一首歌曲Rock Around The Rock在排行榜上持續八週


搖滾樂因此為是人所熟知而彗星樂團的主唱亨利比爾因此也被世人稱為搖滾之父,同時期著名的代表性歌手有貓王,Chuck Berry,Buddy







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    During the rock music originated from A.D. 1950, there is no name in this kind of music at that time

    This kind of music was interweaved by the knight and adjusting bluly and many kinds of songs at that time wind, broadcast and just brings people's attention and comet orchestra lasts eight weeks on the billboard by a song Rock Around The Rock by radio station DJ at first

    Can keep quite not easy thing in eight weeks on the billboard in a song of that undeveloped time of the information of music

    Rock music but Bill , Henry of leading singer , , comet of orchestra call common people father of rock too for know very well people, representativeness singer of name have cat king corresponding period, Chuck Berry , Buddy

    Holly, wraps the first four, their music is still loved deeply by people so far, and now's most of orchestra of rock is all influenced by their institute deeply , the spirit of extending them is in the music

    In vogue instantly Hi Kazakhstan and huge the two of gram of music extend from the rock music, Hi, Kazakhstan the music representative one attitude of life, express by lyrics discontended with the thing that in lifly, and Pang Ke is one kind resist the consciousness shown to social norm

    They are all lain between and expressed discontented mood by the music generation, totally relax oneself in the music that and loudly, it is extended into the music styles of PUB and dance hall at present that some persons like to follow the music to dance

    And record of music way to rely mainly on black glue disc first, he bulky and people convenient for to carry to invent tape turn into CD of now in eyes

    But the reason that the black glue disc can not be eliminated can be with a dab hand of DJ because of him, produce exciting rhythm live

    The music performer spends a large number of money and asks the record company to make music and record the film video-tape for them, and song fans can hear and see from the film these singers note down music spent hugly

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    The origin of Rock n’ roll is during the 1950s. The name “Rock n’ roll” was not generated back then. Rock n’ roll is composed of jazz, blues, and many other different music styles at the time. Rock n’ roll first made its notice to the public by a DJ playing one of the songs on the radio. Furthermore, “Rock around the Clock” by the Comets made it to the billboard for entire eight weeks. In a time period when the spreading of music was not rapid, it was quite a big deal for a song to stay on the billboard for entire eight weeks. Since then, Bill Haley, the lead singer of Comets, has been given the credit as the creator of Rock n’ roll. Other famous singers during the time frame are Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, and The Beatles. Their music are still very popular nowadays and lots of Rock n’ roll bands are very much influenced by these early groups and try to spread the Rock n’ roll spirit to the public through their music.

    Hip Hop and Punk, two main stream popular music genres, are both extensions from Rock n’ roll. Hip Hop is trying to exhibit the attitude of living and show the dissatisfactions toward life using the power of its lyrics. On the other hand, Punk is a form to oppose social regulations. Both of these music genres attempt to release the dissatisfaction of life through the power of music and release oneself in the loud volume created by the music. Some people enjoy to dance along the music, and that created the popular music genre played in Pubs.

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    The earliest version to record music was using vinyl records; however, the inconvenience brought by its mass volume stimulated the technology to develop more portable recording systems such as cassette tapes and CD-ROM that we use commonly today.

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    Yet, the reason why vinyl records still exit today is that it can easily create exiting rhythms for the Pub through the techniques of the DJs.

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    Music performers spend hundred of thousands of dollars to make their music videos, and music fans can easily see the energy, time, and expense that these music composers dedicated into their music career.

    參考資料: 那首歌其實是”Rock around the Clock”
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