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    My individuality lively open and bright, can care about the friend on own initiative in the association between, very easy to obtain friend's trust. I am grasping the optimistic life manner, supervises oneself this, everything to do with every effort.

    After the graduation my first work is from 2002.8~2006.3 produces the assistant technician in the livelihood light semiconductor assumption,the work lets my further understand oneself; In participates in a matter in the process, how has to achieve perfectly, is in the work the biggest challenge.Therefore unceasingly trains ability which oneself communicates, I also truly obtain many.I display manager in the work simultaneously also to understand own insufficiency, also penetrate regarding the insufficient disappointment exchanges the opinion the study to enrich, hoped in the next work, will be able to have the help.I hoped future will be able to obtain the recent information and the specialty in the work, therefore will sprout transfers the duty the wish.I have the confidence to dare to accept the new environment the challenge, but my itself namely yearns for the new environment extremely the work content, moreover hoped can have in your firm's duty one lengthens the only then opportunity.

    I thought in oneself individuality merit is good at communicating, also is because such individuality causes me regarding the new thing fill anticipation.I will expect future in the work the good performance, also anticipated will be able 夠 to have an achievement in the future in the specialized domain, and will have the contribution to your firm.

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