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CIRCUS ACTION 2 之環島歷險 一首配樂的問題.

CIRCUS 要去般電視的時候..



OHOH ~~~~~~~~~~來喔來喔 快來就我




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    Uh-Oh, We're In Trouble,

    Something's Come Along

    And It's Burst Our Bubble

    {Yeah, Yeah!} Uh-Oh,

    We're In Trouble,

    Gotta Get Home Quick

    March On The Double!

    We've Been Out All Night

    And We Havn't Been Home,

    We're Walkin' Through The Back Streets

    ...All Alone! The Party Was Great

    Yeah, We Were Really Frilled!

    And When We Get In

    We're Gonna Get Killed!

    Chorus x1

    We Couldn't Get A Cab,

    'Cause We Ain't Got No Money!

    We Missed The Last Train

    But We Thought....

    Don't Worry!

    We'd Get The Night Bus

    But The Night Bus Never Came!

    We're Eight Miles From Home

    And It Started To.....

    Chorus x1

    Yeah Yeah, Trouble...

    We Tried To Steal A Car

    But We Soon Realized,

    We Got On The Road

    None Of Us Could Drive!

    Police Car Came Along

    And They Took Us For A Ride,

    And When We Get Home

    We're Gonna Get, Gonna Get

    Gonna Get Fried!

    Chorus x1

    Uh-Oh We're In Trouble,

    {Yeah Yeah!} Uh-Oh We're In Trouble....

    Uh-Oh We're In Trouble,

    Something's Come Along

    And It's Burst Our Bubble!

    {Yeah Yeah!} Uh-Oh We're In Trouble,

    Book Us A Ticket On

    The Next Space Shuttle!

    Chorus x2