我只知USB群組常用的是Human Interface Device (HID)


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    Approved Class Specification Documents

    *Audio Class

    Audio Device Document 1.0

    Audio Data Formats 1.0

    Audio Terminal Types 1.0

    USB MIDI Devices 1.0

    Audio Devices Rev. 2.0 Spec and Audio 2.0 Adopters Agreement (.zip format, size 2.59MB)

    *Battery Charging

    Battery Charging Spec v1.0 (.zip format, size 265 KB)

    *Cable and Connector

    Cable and Connector Class 1.0

    Series 'A' Plug form factor Guideline 1.0

    *Common Class (CCS)

    Common Class Base Specification 1.0

    *Communications Device Class

    Class Definitions for Communication Devices 1.1

    CDC Subclass Specification for Wireless Mobile Communication Devices (.zip file format, 744 kb)

    CDC Subclass Specification for Ethernet Emulation Model Devices 1.0

    *Content Security

    Device Class Definition for Content Security Devices 1.0

    Content Security Method 1 - Basic Authentication Protocol 1.0

    Content Security Method 2 - USB Digital Transmission Content Protection Implementation 1.0

    *Device Firmware Upgrade Group

    Device Firmware Upgrade 1.1 (new version 31-Aug-2004)

    *HID Class

    HID Information

    *Imaging Class

    Still Image Capture Device Definition 1.0


    IrDA Bridge Device Definition 1.0

    *Mass Storage

    Mass Storage Overview 1.2

    Mass Storage Bulk Only 1.0

    Mass Storage Control/Bulk/Interrupt (CBI) Specification 1.1

    Mass Storage UFI Command Specification 1.0

    Mass Storage Bootability Specification 1.0


    Monitor Device Document 1.0


    OpenUSBDI Specification 1.0

    *Physical Interface Devices

    Device Class Definition for PID 1.0


    Power Device Class Document 1.0

    *Printer Class

    Printer Device Class Document 1.1

    *Smart Card Class

    Smart Card CCID version 1.1

    Smart Card ICCD version 1.0

    *Test & Measurement Class

    Test & Measurement Class Specifications

    *Video Class