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    驚聲尖笑 3 的黑白兩人對尬 RAP

    但是那個死胖子黑人並不是黑人 而是波多黎各裔的白人嘻哈歌手 肥仔喬 FAT JOE 也是喜愛嘻哈音樂迷必留意的歌手之一

    因為這對尬 RAP 都是美國文化當地的情景 所以有些詞句上形容的東西 對於外國人會有感覺上 他們是在說啥啊 !~~~~~ 的迷思

    如果版主要練 RAP 這段 RAP 歌詞只是拿來做參考會用比較好一點 中文形容的字義有時會跟英文的有所不同 要做 RAP 歌詞用自己創作的中文 RAP 歌詞會比較容易上手好練 當然站在臺上的勇氣必須發揮出來的 自己要考慮 RAP 歌詞是否能夠讓人認同 爆炸性的 RAP 殺傷性的 RAP 皆不同 建議簡單的短RAP 先練一下 熟練久了 再加長練 會比較好一點


    This Guy Can' t Be Serious Right Here

    Standing Mily Me. Aka I Hopo He

    Ain ' t The One You Fight Wiht !

    The Kid got Mad corn And He He Ain ' t Got No Skills.

    Because He ' s All Right But He ' s Not Real

    I Don ' t Mean To Hurt Your Feelings.

    You ' ll Never Get A Deal Because He ' s All Right . But He ' s Not Real

    You ' re A Needle In The Haystack

    I ' m The Don. A City Slickre

    Forget Cow And Milk You Mom ' s Titty

    Let This Niggah End Up Haring Kid With His Cousin !

    Has He Started ?

    His Number One Fan Be Like........

    That Means Fat Joe ' s The Man !

    You ' re A Liar In Denial !

    Kill Your Ass Quicker Than . I Die In A Fire !

    How Dare You Wanna Joust With Me ?

    Looking Like You Down To Solve The Mad Cow Disease.

    You Faked Them Out To Battle Me.

    8 Miles Down The Road . The Farm ' s That Way.

    因為倆人的歌詞超過字限 所以中英對照歌詞已寄到版主您的信箱去了 請自行參考 

    文化的差異會導致歌詞的不同 建議版主想寫詞最好參考自己周遭環境的事情 

    惡搞性 RAP 參考範本 原創 週劫輪

    AKA 2DOG <BY AKA 地球防衛軍 >

    我送妳離開  千里之外  妳還跟過來

    左輪也拆 右輪也拆 備胎還一齊拆

    我逃妳離開  天涯之外  妳又跟過來

    白天也拆  晚上也拆  換臺車 你還拆 

    我送妳離開  千里之外  妳還跟過來 

    左邊也拆  右邊也拆 前後都一起拆

    我逃妳離開  天涯之外  妳又跟過來

    天天都拆  放假也拆  隔一週  還來拆

    參考資料: 就是這樣~~~~~~~是也~~~~~~~~
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    Now everybody in the 202, throw your hands in the air 'cause Fat Joe is through

    Now everybody in the 202, throw 'em up! Check it out

    I'm a white boy, but my neck is red

    I put Miracle Whip on my Wonder Bread

    My face is pale, nah, I've never been in jail

    Me and Buffy spend every winter at Vail / How many bitches have I slapped? Zero. Unh!

    And Martha Stewart happens to be my hero

    I grew up on a farm and I was born with no rhythm

    Dr. Phil's my uncle and I like to hang with him

    I can't dance / I wear khaki pants

    My middle name's Lance

    My Grandma's from France

    So maybe I'm wack

    'Cause my skin ain't black

    But you can't talk smack / 'Cause whitey just struck back