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原文:Mariah moved to New York to start her new life. She lived in an apartment that was shared with two other girlfriends. She worked as a waitress, a hatcheck girl, and a hair salon in order to save money. In her free time she would go around to record companies and drop off her demo tape. Mariah's big break started when she was a backup singer for Brenda K. Starr and they were attending a party when Starr gave Mariah demo tape to Tommy Mottola who was the President of Sony Music. After leaving the party, Tommy started listening to her tap in the limo. When he heard her voice, he was pleased that he made the driver turn back around and find Mariah but she had left. Tommy tracked down Mariah and signed her to her first recording contract.

Mariah released her first album Mariah Carey in 1990. The album was big hit and was number one on the Billboard Chart. That year she also won two Grammy Awards for best female. On her next album, Mariah had more of her own songs that she written through out her life.



瑪麗亞搬到紐約展開她的新生活,他和其他兩個女性朋友住在一間公寓哩。為了賺錢,瑪麗亞開始打工,做過服務生、置物櫃小姐、和理髮小妹。在她有空時會到唱片公司四處走走並且把她的demo tape放著。瑪麗亞的好運是發生在當她還是Brenda K. Starr的合音歌手時,他們兩個人參加了一個派對,Starr將瑪麗亞的demo tap交給Tommy Mottola,Tommy Mottola是新力音樂的總裁。當派對結束後,Tommy在車上聽了這捲帶子,當他一聽到她的聲音時,他馬上請司機掉頭回去找瑪麗亞,但是瑪麗亞已經離開了。後來Tommy找到了瑪麗亞並且跟她簽下了第一張唱片約!

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瑪麗亞再1990年發行了她的第一張同名專輯” Mariah Carey” 專輯很紅並且成為排行榜上的第一名,那一年他也贏得了兩座葛萊美獎,最佳女歌手跟最佳新人。在她的下張專輯,瑪麗亞寫了更多首歌是有關她的生活中的點點滴滴!

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    1.She lived in an apartment that was shared with two other girlfriends


    share 有分享的意思..應該是和室友合租那一棟公寓的意思

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