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Dear Kay

I am writing this in a hurry before I go to work. I just couldn't wait to tell you some amazing news. You'll never guess who've just got engated! Rose Barnes and Mark Wilson! There, I bet that's sruprised you!

We herad about it last night at Rose's birthday party. It was a fantastic party with lots to eat and drink some great music . We were all having a brilliant time, when Mark suddenly got to his feet and started speaking. It took him a while to get everyone to stop talking and listen to him, but he announced that he had deciede to make an honest woman of Rose and that he had popped the question the previous evening. He talked some more about how happy Rose had made him by agreeing to become his wife and waxed lyrical about how wonderful she is . By this time hardly anyone was listening. Most of us were gobsmacked.

I didn't know that they were even friends, because I don't see either f them very often. Pam said that with benefit of hindsight she should have realized that there was something going on between Rose and Mark, because they had seemed to be joined at the hip in recent weeks. However, they and Pam work in the same firm and she thought business was bringing them together a lot.

As you know, Rose and Mark are chalk and cheese and the idea of them tying the knot seems impossible. Besides we all thought that Mark was a confirmed bachelor. Jill says that she is quite certain that it will all end in tears. Of couse she is a well-known cnic, but Ithink there is some truth in what she says. Apparently there are already signs of trouble. Rose wants a huge weding withall the trimmings. Mark wants them to go abroad and get married quietly on a beach somewhere. Watch this space!

I'll have to go now or I'llbe late for work. Write soon and let me know how you're getting on at college. I'm looking forward to Easter when you'll be home for the holldays and we can have a good chat.

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    我急忙寫□這在我去工作之前。我不能等待告訴您一些令人驚訝的新聞。您從未將猜測誰得到了engated! 羅斯巴恩斯和標記威爾遜! 那裡, 我打賭了是sruprised 您!

    我們herad 對昨晚此在羅斯的生日聚會。這是一個意想不到黨以全部吃和喝一些偉大的音樂。我們是全部有精采時光, 當標記突然被得到對他的腳和開始講。需要他一會兒得到大家停止談和聽他, 但他宣佈他有deciede 做一名誠實的婦女羅斯並且他流行了問題早先晚上。他談有些關於怎樣愉快的羅斯由同意做了他成為他的妻子和給打蠟抒情關於怎樣美妙她是。在這時間以前幾乎不任何人聽□。大多數我們是gobsmacked 。

    我不知道, 他們是均勻朋友, 因為我非常經常不看或者f 他們。Pam 認為, 以事後的認識的好處她應該意識到有某事繼續在羅斯和標記之間, 因為他們似乎最近幾星期被加入在臀部。但是, 他們和Pam 工作在同樣企業和她認為事務帶來他們很多。

    你知道, 羅斯和標記是白堊並且乳酪和想法他們栓結似乎不可能。除我們以外標記是一個被證實的學士的所有想法。Jill 認為, 她相當肯定它將所有末端哭泣。couse 她是一知名cnic, 但Ithink 那裡是一些真相在什麼她說。明顯有已經麻煩的標誌。羅斯想要一巨大的weding 的withall 飾物。標記要他們去海外和結婚安靜地在海灘某處。觀看這空間!

    我將必須後現在去或I'llbe 為工作。很快寫和告訴我怎麼您可及學院。我盼望復活節何時您將是家庭為holldays 並且我們能有好閒談。

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