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    The matrimony etiquette and custom be gradually forgotten by modern people is systematic and is presented with digital part, letting at present for do not understand people of the trousseau as a learnings and ancient books.

    Although the past etiquette and custom is at present already gradual obsolescent, but the ancient method can't be forgotten, we want to find back the memory of people to get married an ancient gift to depend on sparsely save a short moment still, re-appearing the whole matrimony process integrity, not only having educational meaning, but also canning also giving to insist a reference of the matrimony ethnicities that follows an ancient method still.

    Combine with the digital movie multi-media interaction the type web page, have a clear description writing and provide an user to browse the step part, make it the clear understanding get married the process of[with] etiquette and custom, understanding the trousseau item, taboo and special note that need to be prepared in the step of[with] these descriptions.

    The color revives old customs printed cloth to plus to quarrel in riotous profusion of good luck totem, construct pleased spirit of good luck of scenario, and integrate the tone of[with] just some little modern feeling, make the subversion impression that the appearance presents ancient flavor to have modern feeling in addition in the meantime.

    1.According to older generation the person request, giving has to obey a reference of the New appointee that the ancient gift step gets married.

    2.Can be an ancient books of custom.

    3.Want specialized understanding the person of[with] this aspect knowledge

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    Has systems and appear by way of digit passage by the marriage etiquette and custom that the modern forgets gradually, let now to find out about people of dowry as one study and classical-collection. Though the past etiquette and custom has not been already suitable gradually gradually now, but the ancient law can't be forgotten, we will retrieve people's memory that the ancient gift remain for a moment dimly to getting married, get married course to be intact to reappear entirely, have meaning that educate, can is it is it follow ancient marriage one of ethnicity of law consult to insist on still to give.