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阿吉 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

(西洋文學)看不太懂耶 請為我解說...謝謝


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Witty and impertinent, the songs of the wandering scholars and clerks extol wine, women, and song. Known as Goliardic verse, they may be sophomoric in tone, but they are contrived with unerring skill, as one might expect since their composers were steeped in classical tradition. A good many of them parody hymns and Church liturgy.

Bona-fide Christian religious poetry ranges from stately Latin hymns-like the Dies Irae of Thomas of Celano-to the warm, tender Christ-Child lullabies of unknown peasants and rustics. In the Jewish tradition, Solomon Ibn Gabirol-the first Spanish philosopher of the eleventh century- was highly celebrated as a synagogal poet in the Sephardic as well as the Ashkenazic community. Some of his sacred songs have been movingly translated by Israel Zangwill(Selected Religious Poems by Solomon Ibn Gabirol).

可以不用逐字翻^^ 大概說明也可以囉^^



ㄟˊ 真ㄉ耶 該不會是同意本書吧=..=

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    Goliardic verse(學者流浪詩人的諷刺詩)在音調上雖然不成熟,但由於技巧準卻,而成為經典作品。其中包含 parody(諷刺性模仿詩文)、hymns(讚美詩)和 Church liturgy(教堂禮拜儀式)

    Christian religious poetry 基督教的宗教詩的範圍從莊嚴的拉丁詩--- the Dies Irae of Thomas of Celano 到由不知名的農夫所做的聖嬰搖籃曲--Christ-Child lullabies。

    猶太教的傳統上,認為第一位17世紀的西班牙哲學家 --- Solomon Ibn Gabirol 為西班牙系的猶太人(Sephardic)及中歐猶太人社區(Ashkenazi community)所推崇的猶太教詩人。

    部份的宗教詩歌是由Israel Zangwill 轉譯。

    參考資料: 盡力了
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    你的問題也有人問 (你們該不會是同學吧?還是同一人? =="""):


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