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1869 年他接受該組領導人巴拉基列夫建議,寫了著名的管弦樂幻想序曲 " 羅蜜歐與茱麗葉 " 。而此同時,他的作曲風格也與俄國國民樂派逐漸遠離,俄國國民樂派主張採用俄國民族素材寫作具民族特色的音樂,而他的作曲風格則較傾向於西歐作曲家的樂風,不過這兩種不同的作曲方向後來均成為十九世紀後半葉俄國樂壇的兩大潮流。

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    The proposes that he accepted the leaders of this group bar and drew Gary in 1869, write orchestral music illusion overture " honeyed Europe and beautiful leaf of Zhu Luo " of name. And this is at the same time , he composes music the style is sent and far away from with the Russia country folk music gradually, send and maintain that adopt the national music with the national characters of material writing of Russia in Russia country folk music, his style of composing music is relatively inclined to the West European composer's happy wind, but these two kinds of different ones composed music the direction became two major trends of the Russian music circles of second half of the 19th century later.


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    In year of 1869, he accept the suggestion of 巴拉基列夫, composed the famous song "Romeo and Juliet" . At the mean time, his style has been apart from the conservative Russian songs, which focused on the materials of Russia tribes' traditional culture. Even though, his style is more similar to Europe countries, the two different styles became fashion at 19th century in Russia Music.

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    In 1869, under the suggestion of the leader of "The Five", Mily Balakirev, Tchaikovsky wrote the famous Overture-Fantasy,"Romeo and Juliet." In the mean time, Tchaikovsky's musical style was gradually aloof from

    Russian musical nationalism. Russian musical nationalists utilized russian folk culture to make music with Russian characterisitics. As for Tchaikovsky, he intended to make his own be more of western-Euporeans'. Nonetheless, during the later half of 19th century, both music styles which different from each other were become the trends in Russia(music coterie).後面那兩個字硬翻就很不自然了!建議自行刪減.

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