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1.What was the unique American phenomenon?

How did it come into being?

Do you think it still exists in today's American society?

2.In what way did Puritanism influence American culture?



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    The United States is a diverse and multicultural nation, home to a wide variety of ideologies, customs and ethnic groups. Mainstream American culture evolved from that of colonial Dutch and English settlers and later became a melting pot of various European cultures.English, German, and Irish cultures and later from Italian, Greek and Ashkenazi cultures were the perhaps most significant influences on modern American culture. Descendants of enslaved West Africans preserved some cultural traditions from West Africa in the early United States. Geographical place names largely reflect the combined English, Dutch, French, German, Spanish, and Native American components of U.S. history.

    There are two main theories regarding the current evolution of American culture. In the traditional melting pot, immigrants from other cultures bring unique cultural aspects which are incorporated into the larger American culture and adopt features of the mainstream culture. A more recently articulated model is that of the salad bowl, in which immigrant cultures retain some of their unique characteristics. Cultures intermingle, forming a heterogeneous mixture, not unlike a salad composed of different vegetables.


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