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    Broad-tailed swallowtail butterfly 寬尾鳳蝶 Agehana maraho (Shiraki & Sonan)


    Features: The Broad-tailed swallowtail butterfly is a large swallowtail with a wingspan of 9.5-10cm. Their forewings are blackish-brown in color, their hind wings bear a large, white spot in their central discals and surrounding areas, and they have a series of red, crescent-shaped markings on the outer margins of their wings. The species' most distinguishing characteristic is its extraordinarily broad, red tail that runs through the third and fourth veins of its wings. Females have the same appearance and wing patterns as males, but are larger.

    Behavior: The larvae of Broad-tailed swallowtail butterflies feed on Sassafras randaiensis leaves and pass through five instars before metamorphosing into adults. During the first through fourth instars, the larvae look like bird dung, whereas in the fifth and final instar, they take on a greener appearance. The pupae of Broad-tailed swallowtail butterflies are beige in color and use silk pads to attach themselves to branches during the winter; adults emerge between spring and summer.

    Habitat: Broad-tailed swallowtail butterflies are endemic to Taiwan and usually seen in Sassafras randaiensis forests at 1000-2000m elevations in central and northern Taiwan, especially in the Taiping Mountain and Lala Mountain areas. The southernmost area in which they can be found is in Kaohsiung County's Tengzhi.

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