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    The main sales country is Nigeria. This company is the largest local supplier of Taiwan. It have operated in Nigerian market for ten years. The details are as follow.


    The main exporting country is Dubai. The clients come from different countries. The transportation system is based on the left-seat operation system. Vehicles are of many kinds, including passenger vehicles, trucks, big buses, et cetera. The quality standard is strict and the company provide number one customer service.


    This company is the main franchise in West Africa. It is also a franchise in Jordan and many other countries. As of now it is already the largest motocycle brand in Nigeria. Its performance and reliability in Nigeria has already been tested for more than ten years. The brand is the most favorite of Nigerian people. Superior customer service will never be altered in this company's direction. This year the company will set up a new office in LAGOS, it will notify the public as it expected.


    The main sales countries are Iraq and Ghana. This company is the best local supplier in term of high volume and quality. The other suppliers only know how to sell, but they do not know how to provide a decent service. This company not only has a professional sales force, it provides many service features highly demanded by customers. For example, repairing and replacing parts will let our customers to have high turnover of inventories in shortest time.

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    Speed is one crucial element that determines whether the company can survive in a competitive business environment. According the current international scenario, every industry is only earning low profit margins.

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    Only companies with cutting-edge business strategies can dominate the market.

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    This is why this company is different from other. Our team is always analyzing situations and matching them with compatible solutions. The company's objective is to maintain a long-term collaboration between the buyer and the seller. This is what this company is striving to achieve.

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    以 上 的 回 答 者 好 像 是 用 翻 譯 機

    怎 麼 不 知 道 奈 及 利 亞 的 英 文 是 Nigeria 因 為 翻 譯 機 把 它 分 開 來 翻 Ni-Ge-Ria(奈 and advantage Asia)

    不 信 的 話 ﹐ 去 以 下 的 翻 譯 網 站

    參考資料: I am ABC (American Born CHinese), http://babelfish.altavista.com
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    The main sales country for 奈 and advantage Asia, this company is the

    Taiwan locality biggest supplier, operates in 奈 and the advantage

    Asia market for 10 years long time, the style is as follows.

    Mainly exports the country to do obeisance for Du, the customer comes

    from the different country, the control loop to left to harness the

    system primarily, the vehicle plants the style very many, contains the

    passenger vehicle, the truck, the big bus and so on, the quality

    strictly elects, to serve first.

    This company is West Africa general agent business, and the Jordanian

    business agent, spreads the country to be many, present situation

    already was 奈 and the advantage Asia biggest motorcycle brand, the

    performance, the abrasive resistance already passes through in 奈 and

    advantage Asia more than 10 years of tests, 絕 to was 奈 and the

    advantage Asia people most loves, the service customer is this company

    invariable direction, this year this company will set up the office in

    LAGOS, will ask respectfully the anticipation.

    The main sales country for Iraq, Ghana, this company is the local

    quantity and the quality best supplier, the universal supplier, only

    understands selling, does not understand the service, this company not

    only sells, but also provides customer many services, for example:

    Project and so on service components military supplies, only is for

    enable our customer fast to sell the cargo, the speed is decides you

    in the market survival long-time important attributeBut the present situation international tendency, all the various

    trades and occupations all only make the meager profit, has the

    quantity the company to be able to dominate the market, this is this

    company and other companies is different place, our team always is

    seeking the question and the solution question, for is hoped business

    both sides can 夠 the maintenance long-time cooperation relations,

    this be this company's persisting.


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