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odysseus's worst action

what do you think is odysseus's worst action of his wandering and why?

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    In my opinion, Odysseus's worst action of his wandering is to trust his fellowers too much. When Aeolus provided a bag filled with the all the winds but the one to lead him home, Odysseus' crew members suspected that treasure was in the bag (due to Odysseus guarding the bag for the entire voyage home without a wink of sleep). And they opened the bag, which blown by a violent storm back to Aiolia by Poseidon. In the end, Odysseus had to start his journey from Aiolia to Ithaca over again.

    If he had been carefully enough, then his wife wouldn't have to wait another 10 years. However, we won't have too many interesting stories about him to read. I am supposed that is the biggest mistake Odysseus ever made once in his life.

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    給樓下的: 真有趣,一件事情有兩種解釋 :)

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    還是這個網頁, 但是看法跟前一位的答案相反

    odysseus 是太不信任他的手下, 太信任自己~ 反而給船隊帶來風災~

    引用片段: "This event could have been avoided if Odysseus trusted his men. His love and determination to return to Ithaca was so important to him, that he once again placed himself in front of the journey, thus posing the greatest threat of his journey. Himself. "

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    您是認為怎樣他的odysseus 的最壞的行動漫步和為什麼?