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odysseus's greatest enemy

who is odysseus's greatest enemy? why?


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    Odysseus return to Ithaca was threatened by some major events. The encounter with the Cyclops, Polyphemus, who ate some of his crew was a major threat, as were the mischievous actions of Eurylochus. The Sirens by their lovely voices lured sailors to their deaths was another threat, but due Odysseus knowledge this did not occur. Although these events posed a physical threat to each and every individual sailor, the greatest threat to Odysseus was himself. Not only was Odysseus egotistically strong, it was this characteristic that dictated his actions, and cost him dearly.


    "The third major danger Odysseus encounters upon return to Ithaca is himself. Odysseus ego, heroic characteristics and sometimes god-like attitudes threaten his return. ... which could have been avoided if he kept his mouth shout?

    Once leaving Polyphemus, Aeolus presented him with a leather bag that held captive all the destructive winds. Summoning a breeze, Aeolus saw them off on a trip which should have taken them directly to Ithaca. Ten days of sailing, they were in sight of their native land. At this point, Odysseus made the error of falling asleep. ...This event could have been avoided if Odysseus trusted his men. His love and determination to return to Ithaca was so important to him, that he once again placed himself in front of the journey, thus posing the greatest threat of his journey. Himself.


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    who is odysseus's greatest enemy? why?