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" 最近我們的客戶可能會向你們詢問一些技術性問題,因有一些細部問題我們尚在討論中,可否請你們暫時不要直接回覆他們的問題,並請他們透過台灣代理商詢問,以免我們在不知情的情況下無法掌控後續的事務。另外,客戶有告知我們先前你們有回覆他們一些問題及圖件,可否請你們轉寄給我們讓我們也能了解,謝謝!"

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    " 最近我們的客戶可能會向你們詢問一些技術性問題,因有一些細部問題我們尚在討論中,可否請你們暫時不要直接回覆他們的問題,並請他們透過台灣代理商詢問,以免我們在不知情的情況下無法掌控後續的事務。另外,客戶有告知我們先前你們有回覆他們一些問題及圖件,可否請你們轉寄給我們讓我們也能了解,謝謝!"

    Dear .....

    Due to several details are still under discussion our client may inquire some technical questions with you in coming days. In order to avoid any misunderstandings and deniabilities on our side, we feel obliged to ask you not to reply directly, but ask them to send all the inquiries through Taiwan Agent.

    By the way, our client informed us that they had already received replies and drawings from you. Will you be so kind to forward copies of the same to expedite our follow-up.

    Thank you for your cooperation and attention.

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    Our client may ask you some kind of questions about technical skill in these few days, as we are still discussing about some details regarding this, could you please don’t reply them directly at this moment, please just advise them to issue their questions to our Taiwan agent, so that can avoid us out of control in deniability situation, Besides, our client told us you have replies them some questions and gave them some drawings, would you please forward all what of them to us in order to we can realize all the situation.

    Thank you very much for your cooperation.

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    " 最近我們的客戶可能會向你們詢問一些技術性問題,因有一些細部問題我們尚在討論中,可否請你們暫時不要直接回覆他們的問題,並請他們透過台灣代理商詢問,以免我們在不知情的情況下無法掌控後續的事務。

    In these days our customer may inquire for some technical questions from you. As some details are under discussion, please do not for the moment reply to them directly on such issues, and please ask the customer to inquire over the agent in Taiwan so we won’t miss and lose control over any follow-up affairs due to not being well informed.


    In addition, the customer advised us that you have responded to them regarding some questions and drawings, can you please forward them to us so we may also understand them? Thanks.