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Ex:break new gound

He decided to Break new ground as a disabled person. out

2.(pull into) ----a place

3.(as )hungry as a bear

3-1. as well as

4.(look at) someone or something

5.give something back (give it back)

6.right off the bat

7.sleep on it

8.gave got to- do something

9.go back(went back to)

10.on the house mistake

12.have(has) a clear conscience enthusiastic about something(is enthusuastic about)

14.follow the crowd

15.instead of (doing) something for something

17.belong to someone

18.take something out(took out)

19.on the other hand

20.plan on (doing) something

21.point something out(point out) present

23.what if

24.soul mate on top of the world(was on top of the wourld)

26.have one's heart set on something(had his heart set on..)

27.a bitter pill to swallow

28.give up (doing) something

29.break new ground

30.set one's sights on (doing) something(set his sights on...)

31.year in and year out..

32.make an attempt(to do something,made a first attempt to...)

33.force someone back (forced him back)

34.come up(came up)

35.make history(made history)

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    1.I'm too tired to cook, let's eat out.

    2.The carpark is pretty full today, we might as well pull into into here and walk a bit.

    3.I haven't had time to feed him, he is as hungry as a bear.

    3-1.He'd have to sit a test as well as attend an interview

    4.We must be in New Zealand, look at those sheep on the road.

    5.That's mine, give it back!

    6.I can't tell you right off the bat, but I will find out.

    7.It's a big decision, why don't you sleep on it.

    8.我沒聽過 gave got to?? 是不是 have got to? We have got to do something about his gambling problems.

    9.Go back and wait in the car until I say it's safe to come out.

    10."This one is on the house," said the bartender.

    11.I wrote his name down by mistake.

    12.He has a clear conscience, he will do what is right.

    13.You could be a bit more enthusiastic about Westlife's concert.

    14.Just follow the crowd and you will know where the free beers are.

    15.Instead of complaining about your life maybe you should do something about it.

    16.He offered to pay for our meal.

    17.Too bad he belongs to her.

    18.I took out The Da vinci Code last night and finally started reading it.

    19.He's so self-centered and cocky but on the other hand, he is rich and handsome.

    20.I always plan to finish my homework but then I always leave it to the last minute and copy off my friends.

    2007-04-05 09:09:24 補充:

    21.I pointed out to him that his fly was undone.

    22.It's still raining hard out, at present, I don't think we will be able to make it to the game.

    23.What if you only had seven days to live?

    2007-04-05 09:10:28 補充:

    24.Remember the guy with his fly undone? I think he is my soulmate.

    25.I feel like I'm on the top of the world after he proposed to me with a diamond ring.

    2007-04-05 09:10:43 補充:

    26.But I have my heart set on an even richer guy.

    27.Rejecting his proposal was a bitter pill to swallow.

    2007-04-05 09:11:00 補充:

    28.If it weren't for the money I'd give up doing other's homework.

    29.He decided to break new ground by saying no to girls.

    30.I have set his sights on blonde girls.

    2007-04-05 09:11:07 補充:

    31.He comes over year in and year out.

    32.At least make an attempt to do your work before asking for help.

    33.They forced him back to his country.

    34.I came up with the greatest sentence for this idiom, but I've forgotten it now.

    35.The results of my test will make history.

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