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however v.s. nevertheless


....... However, if they are learning that language for the purpose of

communication, they will find that they are mistaken......

在這裡, However是連接副詞 , 意思是"然而",

同樣的句子, 如果把however換成副詞 nevertheless,

文法上有何錯誤?? Please help me explain it.

Thank you a lot.

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    actually however and nevertheless are interchangable;therefore, if you want to exchange nevertheless for however, there will be no grammatic mistake to the change.

    However, there is a subtle difference in the meanings.

    To be exact,

    However~ implies discord based on additional, unstated points

    Nevertheless~ implies discord with stated, preceding points

    For example,

    She is a wonderful woman and I care for her very much. However, I would prefer to mary her sister.

    However in this usage implies that in spite of the lady's fine characteristics, and for other unstated reasons, I choose not to be her mate.

    She is a wonderful woman and I care for her very much. Nevertheless, I would prefer to mary her sister.

    In this case the meaning has shifted slightly towards a simple declaration that "Nevertheless=despite her qualities and my affection".




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