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英文in short(總而言之)的用法~

英文in short(總而言之)的用法


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  • 1 0 年前

    in sum,

    to sum up,

    to conclude,

    in a word,

    in short,

    in brief,

    all in all,

    in all,

    to put it in a nutshell,

    in summary

    這些都是用來總結的短語, 用法要看上下文的內容。


    In short, the Confucian view prejudiced against rebellions as threats to the harmonious social order and the ruling dynasty while the communists glorified the peasant rebellions by the term "righteous uprisings of the peasants. 來源:

    文章中也有 in sum 的例句

    這裡的in short 可以被替換成上面的任一片語, 這麼多的選擇只是讓你在一篇文章裡面可以重複的使用"總而言之", 但是聽起來很舒服。


    另外也有人把 in sum and in short 用在一起:

    "In sum and in short, pancreatic cancer is a genetic disease."

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  • 杰暘
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    1 0 年前

    in short 「簡而言之」

    used before describing something or someone in as few words and as directly as possible: 當我們要﹙儘可能﹚以簡短的文字且直接的方式描述某事物或某人之前,可使用這個片語

    He's disorganized, inefficient, never there when you want him - in short, the man's hopeless.他沒有組織性、缺乏效率,當你需要他時他從來沒能到場幫忙——簡而言之,這個男人沒有希望了﹙沒能力、沒前途、很差勁﹚。

    「總而言之」、「概括言之」,可以用to sum up﹙也是放在所要說的話之前﹚。不過,to sum up比較沒有像 in short那樣是要以簡短的話來描述人事物,而是要概括整個人事物的重點。


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  • 1 0 年前

    In short I will fly to see the show no matter how unhappy my mother will be.


    In short we are finished. I can never love any more a girl who betrays me.

    總而言之, 我們已經完了. 我不可能再愛上一個背叛我的女孩子.

    In short I am your husband; you are supposed to prepare dinner before I return from work.

    總而言之我是你老公; 你本來就應該在我下班前把晚餐準備好!

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