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tourist attraction-旅遊勝地的英文作文

題目:tourist attraction(旅遊勝地)

內容:Choose a tourist attraction in or near the place where you live. Visit tourist inofrmation center to collect information about your attraction. Your report should include: 1. the name of the attraction 2. What you can do there 3. Any other information (historical information, best times to visit and so on, 4. The positive and negative effects of the the tourist attraction on people or the environment




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    The Shihmen Reservoir, located in Taoyuan county, was built in 1964. It took 8 years to finish, and was the biggest reservoir in Taiwan. To build the reservoir, it cost almost 80% of then government budget. You can imagine how import the Shihmen Reservoir was.

    The reservoir, being able to save an amount of 24 millions square meters of water, has multi-functions, which include irrigation, water supply, electricity supply, flood control and tourism. The Shihmen Reservoir is still a critical water supply on which many residents still heavily count though there has been a larger reservoir built after it.

    Among its multi-functions, tourism is the most popular one. The Shihmen Reservoir is as large as a lake, and is surrounded by mountains and forests, so it attracts tens of thousands of tourists from Taiwan and all over the world.

    The Bureau of the Shihmen Reservoir also provides facilities where tourists can spend a whole day or even several days. Tourists can have a ferryboat cruise, or they can rent a small boat to row in the waters. There are some fish ponds around the reservoir so are there many restaurants. You can enjoy the fresh fish cooked in various tastes and the beautiful scenes around. If you are an outdoor activist, you can choose to camp in the lakeside woodland and experience a wild and gorgeous life.

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    內容:選擇一個遊覽聖地在或者在你住的地方的附近。 參觀遊客的 中心收集關於你的吸引的資訊。 你的報告應該包括:

    1. 吸引 的名字.


    3.任何其他的資料(歷史的資料,最好地乘參觀和如此在,之上 ) 4. 遊覽聖地對人的積極和否定效果或環境

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