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    msn 分享空間裡面能設定這個功能的連結在這裡:

    You can choose from these permissions settings for your space and your profile:


    Provides access to your space and your profile information to anyone on the Web. Permissions for your space must be set to Everyone if you want to syndicate (Makes specified content from a website available to others to use and display on their websites. When the syndicated content is updated, the same content is automatically updated on other sites.) your space, have your space displayed in the New spaces and Updated spaces modules, notify ping servers (A subscription service that allows you to keep track of your favorite blogs. These services read blogs and other Internet content, and then notify their subscribers when new content is created.) , or allow trackbacks (A link from one blog to another blog. When you send a trackback, the web address of your blog entry is added to the other person's blog entry.) on your blog.

    Same as your space

    Sets your profile permissions to be the same as your space permissions.


    Provides access only to people on your Messenger Allow list.

    Messenger and friends

    Provides access only to people on your Messenger Allow list and your friends list.

    Messenger, friends, and friends of your friends

    Provides access to people on your Messenger Allow list, your friends list, and friends of your friends.


    Lets you select the individuals or groups of people who have access.

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