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請各位大大幫我翻這段話....= ="翻不出來

Tentative conclusions

By writing this article, we have been continuing the process of digesting our workshops to date, seeing yet more underlying connections and homing in on what we believe to be the really fundamental issues. We summarise these issues below by way of a conclusion.

Although quality of the finished product is created in the process of translating, there is no direct relation between quality and time spent. What generally distinguishes a good translation from a mediocre or poor one is not the length of time taken but the attention and commitment invested by the translator in the process of translating it.

Professionalism in the field of translation has to do with taking the broadest possible view of the communication context in which our work is situated. Only when we do this can we be sure of providing our clients with that really need.

Enormous benefits can be reaped from cultivating our awareness of the “meta-contexts” within which the translating activity unfolds. This means:

---being aware of the modes of thinking and presuppositions we habitually use,

---knowing which other modes are available, and

---understanding which are the most appropriate in any given translation context.

The three-part model of engaging/internalising/releasing described in Section 3 is a first step towards formulating a method that can systematically help us to bring these insights to bear in practice and put the production of quality within our grasp, tangibly and on a practical, day-to-day basis.



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    試探性結論由寫這篇文章, 我們繼續迄今消化我們的車間的過程, 看見更加部下連接和歸航在什麼我們認為是真正地根本問題。我們總結這些問題如下通過結論。完成品的?Although 質量被創造在翻譯過程中, 沒有直接聯繫在質量和時間之間花費。什麼與平庸一般區別一個好翻譯或貧寒你不是時間被採取但是注意和承諾由譯者投資在翻譯它過程中。?Professionalism 在翻譯領域必須處理採取我們的工作位於通信上下文的最寬廣的可能的觀點。只當我們做這可能我們是肯定的真正地提供我們的客戶以那需要。?Enormous 好處可能獲得從培養"階上下文的" 我們的了悟在哪些之內翻譯的活動展開。這意味著: 是明白認為和預想方式我們日常地使用, 知道哪些其它方式是可利用的, 和瞭解哪些是最適當的在任一指定的翻譯上下文。engaging/internalising/releasing?The 三部分模型被描述在部分3 是第一步往有形公式化可能系統地幫助我們帶來這些洞察負擔實踐上和投入質量生產在我們的掌握之內的方法, 和根據一個實用, 每日依據

    用這個翻譯網站翻的 參考看看!

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