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千禧情 (Millennium 新好男孩

我需要新好男孩 千禧情 (Millennium 的專輯介紹是用英文ㄉ唷!




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  • Danny
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    Millennium is an album by American pop music group Backstreet Boys. It broke numerous records, and is their biggest success to date.

    It was a highly anticipated follow-up to both their United States debut album, and their international second CD. It was the their first record be released in both the U.S. and internationally in the same form, at the same time. It was nominated for five Grammy Awards and spawned four Top 40 singles, including world-wide smash "I Want It That Way".

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    Track listing

    1."Larger Than Life" (Littrell, Lundin, Martin, Orpin) – 3:52

    2."I Want It That Way" (Carlsson, Martin, Orpin) – 3:33

    4.3."Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely" (Crichlow, Martin) – 3:54

    5."It's Gotta Be You" (Lange, Martin, Orpin, Folgers) – 2:56

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    5."I Need You Tonight" (Fromm) – 4:23

    6."Don't Want You Back" (Martin) – 3:25

    7."Don't Wanna Lose You Now" (Martin, Orpin) – 3:54

    8."The One" (Littrell, Martin) – 3:46

    9."Back To Your Heart" (Baker, Blume, Richardson) – 4:21

    10."Spanish Eyes" (Fromm, Linzer) – 3:53

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    11."No One Else Comes Close" (Baker, Perry, Thomas) – 3:42

    12."The Perfect Fan" (Littrell, Smith) – 4:13

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    For their hard-core under-18 fans, of course, the Backstreet Boys are all that, and a bag of chips and free soda to boot. Millennium, the follow-up to the quintet's umpteen-million-selling debut, offers more reasons why so many of the rest of us have found a place for them in our hearts. The Boys' ultrapackaged look and up-to-date production underscore the quality of their best tracks; only a churl could deny that "I Want It That Way" is one fine radio-aimed declaration of love, or that "Larger Than Life" makes the most of its Daft Punk sample and double-edged acknowledgment of Backstreet followers' loyalty. And who can resist an album-closer like "The Perfect Fan," Brian Littrell's ode to his mom? --Rickey Wright


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    Millennium 千禧情 Backstreet Boys 新好男孩

    1. Larger Than Life(搖擺狂潮)

    2. I Want It That Way(我就是愛你)

    3. Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely(寂寞的真諦)

    4. It's Gotta Be You(就是妳)

    5. I Need You Tonight(今晚伴著我)

    6. Don't Want You Back(拒絕往來戶)

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    7. Don't Wanna Lose You Now(不願失去妳)

    8. The One(鍾愛唯一)

    9. Back To Your Heart(再愛一次)

    10. Spanish Eyes(深情的雙眼)

    11. No One Else Comes Close(給親愛的妳)

    12. The Perfect Fan(給親愛的媽咪)

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  • Terry
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    The Backstreet Boys self-titled 1997 debut album endeared the group to millions of teens and pre-teens with its radio-friendly blend of pop harmonies and danceable beats. MILLENNIUM finds the Boys in the unenviable position of following up the mind-blowing success of the first album. Less ambitious artists might wither under such pressure, but the Backstreet Boys beat the dreaded sophomore slump in style. In the tradition of the debut, the album is a combination of romantic ballads guaranteed to make your little sister sob, and syncopated, eminently danceable, upbeat tunes. Throughout, it's the rich combination of the members' voices that creates the distinctive sound the group's legion of fans has grown to love. Most notably though, there is an added maturity in both the songs and the performances. It seems, regardless of their fans' fervent wishes, that even Backstreet Boys can't help but grow up.

    Prefabricated, too pretty, suspiciously well choreographed -- such objections to the Backstreet Boys wither in the face of singles like the undeniable "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)" and the sweet soar of "I'll Never Break Your Heart." The Boys follow up their tenfold-platinum debut with an album filled with examples of their forte: New Jack doo-wop and lyrically trivial, rhythmically insistent funk lite. Nick Carter's voice strains on "I Need You Tonight," and the blandishments of "The Perfect Fan" evaporate as the song unfolds, but prepare to pay dance-floor obeisance to "It's Gotta Be You," a blatant "Everybody" rework with the same menacing bass line and disco-funky "whoo-whoo" breaks. The ballad "Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely" digs its melodic claws into your skull on the first listen -- it's the swooniest blending of the five vocalists' timbres to date, and mighty pretty besides.

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