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睡美人 發問時間: 寵物 · 1 0 年前




店名: (可愛的狗狗)

長像: (迷你型的Lucky他有著圓圓大大的眼睛..短短的小尾巴..純白色的毛)

個性: (牠的個性活潑可愛~很愛撒嬌~愛乾淨)

如果買下牠: (牠會常常在你身邊打轉~圍繞著你~給你歡笑!!對你撒嬌~讓你想抱抱牠!!我們將免費贈送您一個月的狗食~及健康檢查的費用~)

3 個解答

  • 1 0 年前

    pretty puppy

    mini lucky,it has big,round eyes...short tail...pure white hair

    its personality is a go-go and lovely

    it likes to act like a spoiled child

    and it loves clean

    it will rotate around you very often and make you happy

    it will act like a spoiled child and let you want to embrace it

    we will present you monthly doggy food buckshee and the fee of a health examination

    參考資料: me
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  • Trade name: (lovely dog dog)

    Look like long: (It round big Lucky he on it is bikini eyes.. Short small tail.. Pure white mao)

    Individual character: (individual character of it lively and lovely (is it act like a child to love very much, (like cleanliness)

    If buy it: (It will often spin at your side it laughs heartily for you around it of yours! ! Act like a child to let you is it embrace it to want to you! ! We give you dog for one month to eat we and expenses we of health examination free)

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  • 1 0 年前

    店名: Lovable dog

    長像:Mini Lucky he has the round big eye. Short small tail. Pure white


    個性:Its individuality lively lovable ~ likes acting like a spoiled brat

    very much ~ to love cleanly

    如果買下牠:It can frequently spin in your side ~ to revolve your ~ to laugh

    heartily to you! ! Acts like a spoiled brat ~ to you to let you want

    holds it! ! We free will bestow your for month-long dog food ~ and the

    automatic system checkout program expense~

    參考資料: 自己
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