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片語造句 請英文高手幫忙

不好意思 ! 我只有國中 畢業 ... 因為絕得學歷太低 最近跑去上在職進修班 可以幫我造句一下嗎(非作業 只是老師要我們練習而以) 謝謝 1.As a result on 3.Due to

4.end up with

5.make ends meet

6.entitled to

7.No matter how out of fashion public

11.snapped up

12.specialized in

13.aspired to barved from

15.paved the way for

16.stand in the way of

17.take responsibility for 謝謝幫忙 實在是想搞懂 這些 片語的用法~

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    1.As a result

    We have spent so much time preparing this report; as a result, everyone was impressed.

    我們花了這麼多時間準備這份報告, 結果大家都很滿意 on

    He is currently unemployed, and lives on unemployment benefit.

    他現在沒有工作, 依靠政府支助過活.

    3.Due to

    He was delayed due to a car breakdown.


    4. end up with

    Tim gambles all the time, he ended up with nothing in his pocket.

    Tim 總是賭個不停, 到頭來口袋空空.

    5. make ends meet

    With five children at home and 2 living away to attend college, the parents struggled to make ends meet.

    為了撫養家裡的五個小孩, 加上兩個在異鄉讀書的孩子, 父母為了經濟的來源忙的焦頭爛額.

    6.entitled to

    All users are entitled to software upgrade.


    7.No matter how

    No matter how hard you try, you will never make it.

    不管你多努力, 你不會成功的. out

    Hurry up, we are running out of time.

    快點, 我們快沒時間了 of fashion

    He did it in such a fashion that inspired and astonished everyone.

    他用他獨有的方式, 讓所有人都刮目相看. public

    Do not smoke in public.


    11.snapped up

    Confident investors ignore the market condition and snap up stocks.


    12.specialized in

    Jane is an Analyst who specializes in investment analysis.

    Jane 是個專精於投資分析的分析師.

    13.aspired to

    The captain is someone who we aspire to.

    隊長是我們大家看齊的對象. barved from

    沒有barved 這個字吧…有打錯嘛? 還是barred?

    Barred 的話可以用:

    His phone has been barred from international calls.


    15.paved the way for

    The parents’ effort paved a way for the child’s success.


    16.stand in the way of

    Nothing can stand in my way now.


    17.take responsibility for

    It is his project, so he needs to take all the responsibility for the project.

    這是他的專案, 他必須負全責

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    As a result

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