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我的英文對話作業不會寫 請會英文的大大幫個忙 有點急 謝謝






多一點(天馬行空 盡量句子簡單一點 因為要對話)




A: How was your drive?

B: Terrible! A big bus crashed into my car!

A: A big bus ? Oh, man!

B: Yeah! The bus didn't even stop!

A: No way! Didn't stop?

B: Yeah! I had to wait 5 hours for someone to fix my car!

A: Wow!That sounds horrible!Once,I drove to Nanto,and there was an


B: An earthquake! Get out!

A: Yeah! My car fell down the side of a mountain!

B: Wow!

A: Yeah! But my air bag save me!

B: Oh,man! Last year,I flew to Tokyo and the plane crashed !

A: Crashed? That sounds awful!

B: Yeah! Then a whale chased me around the sea!

A: A whale! Get out!

B: Yeah! So I had to swim to Tokyo!

A: Swim to Tokyo! Wow!Last week,I went to Tokyo and I saw Godzilla!

B: Godzilla! Cool!

A: Yeah! We ate sushi together!

B: Sushi with Godzilla!Oh,man!

A: Yeah! Then we danced at a disco!

B: That sounds fantastic! One time,I had dinner with Doraemon!

A: Doraemon! Cool!

B: Yeah! He had a restaurant in his pocket!

A: In his pocket! Wow!

B: Yeah! We ate 10,000 1bs.of chou tofu!

A: 10,000 1bs.! Get out!

B: Yeah! Then we went to Mars for ice cream!

A: Mats? Oh, man! One time,I rode a train to Australia!

B: Australia! Cool!

A: Yeah! It was the only train in the world that could drive on water!


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    A: How was your day today?

    B: Horrible! I saw a container truck crashed into my teacher's apartment!

    A: A container truck? Oh, my God!

    B: Yeap! The truck didn't even stop!

    A: Holly cow! It didn't stop?

    B: Yeap! I heard my teacher waited 5 hours before the tow truck show up to get that

    container out of his apartment!

    A: Wow! That sounds like an interesting day for your teacher! Which reminds me of

    another incident that your teacher had, he drove to Nanto, and there was an earthquake!

    B: An earthquake! Are you serious?

    A: Yeah! His car fell off the mountain cliff!

    B: Jesus!

    A: Yeap! But his side air bag and seat belts saved him!

    B: Cool! You know, last year, he flew to Tokyo, and the plane crashed into the sea!

    A: Crashed into the sea? What an experience for him!

    B: Yeap! He was unharmed, but a whale chased him while he was swimming!

    A: A whale! Nice!

    B: Yeap! So he had to swim to Tokyo!

    A: Swim to Tokyo! Wow! Last week, I heard he went to Tokyo and saw a Godzilla!

    B: Godzilla! Cool!

    A: Yeap! they had ramen together!

    B: Ramen with Godzilla! Thats gotta be fun!

    A: Yeap! Then they went to local disco afterwards!

    B: That sounds fantastic! One time, he said he had an arguement with Hello Kitty!

    A: Hello Kitty? I love Hellow Kitty! Did he ask for autography?

    B: Yeap! He had Hello Kitty signed his underwear!

    A: His underwear? Wow! I wish I had that too.

    B: But, later he sold that underwear on E-Bay for $4500!

    A: $4500? I would bid $10000 for that underwear.....

    B: Too bad! I wont that auction, and sold that underwear for $15000 on Yahoo Auction!

    A: Damn! You... dog! Now you have to take me out for dinner at some fancy restaurant!

    B: Well, look like I don't have a choice!

    A: Yeap, dont think you can get away with that! I will eat til I drop, I will eat til you broke!

    B: Maybe I should call an ambulance to wait for you outside the restaurant!

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