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    Generally, it includes in the expense of the government if it says:, Usual..affairs of state..expense..class..government..various..affairs of state..national's old you reach ..drinking.. government bond of the public debt in the inside and outside of Cni ..expense..?The debt principal is returned, the interest is paid, and the reaching discount commission. )、It is used to wait to be other and to expend it. It expends, the number of governments increases greatly for these several years, inappropriate, nor a large amount of government expends, the budget deficit is formed, the debt of a huge government is brought, and a heavy load of the government and the private organization is strengthened. Fiscal resources..dissatisfied..situation..solve..government..a lot..accommodate..government..budget..deficit..method..execute..for instance..government..public debt..issue..issue currency..people..burden of policy..adopt. Therefore, it searches for the government, is expended more than the influence on the entire economy of Taiwan of the budget deficit, and the emphasis of this thesis.


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