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    This research aim is studying to inquire into a Taiwanese female university student to the related difference of the skin care products brand loyalty and the safety.This research object with Tainan, Kaohsiung, five universities in Pingtung add up to 500 female university students for study sample, the adoption purpose sampling questionnaire method, the purpose background with personal inquisition female student, maintain a purpose and purchase the motive and safety to the influence that purchases a choice.Test income data to statistics software to carry on statisticsing analysis with the excel.

    This research result can beautify a skin after finding influencing generally a female university student purchases the main factor of the skin care products with the usage for the importance consider.However most interviewees then is partial to department store particularly the cabinet product, its reason lies in particularly the cabinet merchandise brand popularity and public praise to influence very big.Furthermore because the consumer of now extremely values to the safety of the product, most consumers will choose stop using and is examined a wrong product, and don't be believing the merchandise of that brand right away, so the skin care products safety and the brand loyalty contain direct influence relation.

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