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Krumm had been instrumental in transforming Maytag, the number four U.S. appliance manufacturer-behind General Electric, Whirlpool, and Electrolux-from a niche laundry-equipment maker into a full-line manufacturer.He had led an earlier acquisition spree in which Maytag had expanded into microwave ovens, electric ranges, refrigerators, and freezers. Its brands now included Magic chef, Kenn-Air, Norge, and Admiral. The last years of Krumm’s reign, however, were not marked by great operating results. As shown in Table 16.2, revenues showed no gain in the 1989-1992 period, while income steadily declined.


Although the rationale for internationalizing seemed inescapable, especially in view of a recent wave of joint ventures between U.S. and European appliance makers, the Hoover acquisition was troublesome. It was a major brand in England and in Australia, but Hoover had only a small presence in Continental Europe. Yet this was where the bulk of the market was, with some 320 million potential appliance buyers.

The probabilities of the Hoover subsidiary capturing much of the European market were hardly promising. Whirlpool was strong, having 10 plants there in contrast to Hoover’s two plants. Furthermore, Maytag faced entrenched European competitors such as Sweden’s Electrolux, the world's largest appliance maker; Germany’s Bosch-Siemens; and Italy’s Merloni Group. And General Electric had also entered the market with joint ventures. Europeans’ fierce loyalty to domestic brands raised further questions as to the ability of Maytag’s Hoover to penetrate the European market without massive promotional expenditures, and maybe not even then.

Source: Company annual reports.

Commentary:Note the steady erosion of profitability, while sales remained virtually static. For1 comparison with profit performance of earlier years, see Table 16.1 and the net-income-to-sales percentages of this more “golden” period.

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    克魯姆已經有助於改變梅塔格,4 號美國 器具在製造商後面的通用電氣,Whirlpool,和從伊芳萊克斯的進真正意義上的manufacturer.He的一個適當的位置洗衣店設備製造者已經領導一場更盡快的獲得狂歡, 梅塔格已經擴展到微波爐,電的範圍,雪櫃和電雪櫃。 現下的它的品牌包括魔術主廚,Kenn 空氣,挪威,以及海軍上將。 克魯姆的統治的最後年,無論,不以大的營業成績為特徵。 如表格16.2中所示,顯示的收入並不在1989-1992 時期增強,而收入穩定地下降。


    雖然使國際化的這個基本原理好像逃避不了,特別由於一個在美國之間的合資企業的新近的波 以及歐洲器具製造者,美國胡佛公司獲得令人討厭。 主要品牌在英國和在澳洲內,但是用真空吸塵器把只有在歐洲大陸內的一小存在弄清潔。 然而這是市場的大部分在的地方,帶有大約3.2億個潛在的器具購買者。

    捕獲大部分歐洲市場的美國胡佛公司子公司的可能發生的事件幾乎不有希望。 Whirlpool 是強大的,那裡有10棵植物和美國胡佛公司的兩棵植物形成對比。 而且,梅塔格面對確立的歐洲競爭者(例如瑞典的伊芳萊克斯,世界的最大的器具製造者); 德國的博什西門子; 以及義大利的Merloni 組。 並且通用電氣也已經帶著合資企業進入市場了。 歐洲對國內品牌的兇猛的忠實提出關於進入歐洲市場沒有巨大促進的支出的梅塔格的美國胡佛公司的能力的更進一步的問題, 並且或許不儘管那樣。

    來源︰ 公司年度報告。

    評論︰注意到這穩定腐蝕盈利,而銷售保持實際上靜止。 有早幾年的利潤性能的For1 比較,參閱表格16.1 和這更多的oldenperiod的淨收入對銷售的百分比。


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