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敏敏 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

超急 給我簡單的英文回答

1. is you culture changing? if so .In what way?

2. what problems does xenophobia(外國人恐懼症) cause?

3.Do you think stereotypes are dangerous? whay or why not?




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  • 1 0 年前

    1. Yes it is! Due to the globalization effect, we are leaving behind many of our traditions.

    2. You, as the xenophobic patient, may not have the chance to know pretty nice people from abroad. Me, as a foreigner to you, may be offended if I didn't know your situation.

    3. Stereotypes could be both good or bad. 接下來採用wikipedia的句子

    若要簡單的答案:Unhealthy stereotypes can be negative or positive, even for the same group: Black men are generally supposed to be good musicians and basketball-players, but at the same time seen as aggressive and likely to take and sell drugs.



    "Stereotyping, while seen by many as negative and harmful, has a number of beneficial uses for societies. One of these is in the purpose of uniforms which encourage a healthy stereotype to facilitate public service (such as a fireman or police officer) or a business. In many cases, it is not practical to know an individual in order to quickly make an important assessment, hence the need for people to make judgments about an individual based solely upon membership in a group (definition of stereotype) becomes important. For example: a person who is fleeing a fire and sees someone wearing the uniform of a firefighter will immediately make special judgments about that individual such as strength, knowledge of the situation, willingness to help, etc"


    Stereotypes are seen by many as undesirable beliefs imposed to justify the acts of discrimination and oppression. It is thought that education and/or familiarization can change these misbeliefs. Other negative effects are:

    1 justification of ill-founded prejudices or ignorance

    2unwillingness to rethink one's attitudes and behavior towards stereotyped group

    3 self-fulfilling prophecy for both stereotyping and stereotyped group (White people treat black people in a more hostile way due to being afraid of them. Black people accordingly react more aggressively, thus confirming the stereotype...)

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