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(英文)關於中翻英 拜託大家嚕(急)

這幾年 隨著旗津的興起 也成為了著名的旅遊景點 小時後 爸爸長戴著全家人道海水浴場完 吹著清涼的海風 和第地堆著沙堡 山攤上也充滿了歡笑生 這幕影像至今依然歷歷在目 令我回味無窮

拜託大家嚕 中翻英


ㄜ 我要的不是譯言堂的那種

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    Recent years, with the thriving of 旗津, ___also becomes the famed tourist spot. When I was a child, my father took my family to the beach to play, catch the fresh sea breeze, and stack sand castles with my brother. The beach was also full of laughter. The image comes clearly into my eyes, which provides much food for thought.

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    whole family humane sea water bath field to finish to blow fresh and

    cool sea breeze after hour along with the rise of the ensign Jin this

    several years and heap wear the sand fortress the top of the mountain

    stand also wased filled with laugh heartily to get this act image to come

    clearly to view to make me enjoy in retrospect everlasting up to now

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