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Vespa 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

請幫我翻成英文 有關大白鯊的心得 20點 謝謝

幫我翻成英文 謝謝!!






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    Fear for great white shark was grounded after reading this (fascinating可省略) book, much like how the movie makes a lasting impression by creating fear and exploiting this basic animal instinct.

    However, you should not need to be too cautious when going to the beach, since preventative measures have been set up along coastlines where the sharks are frequently spotted. These measures considerably improve safety by excluding the sharks from tourist hot spots.

    Nonetheless, whenever I visit the beach, I still have lingering fears of the great white appearing, even though there are no sharks in the waters near Kenting!

    It seems like the impact of the great white shark in the media is enduring, and it will take some time before people's fears and reservations will fade away.


    參考資料: noggin
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    Looked after this book, the big white shark appears very fearfully, actually otherwise, mainly is because movie Guanxi causes in the people heart to have the fear, therefore leaves behind the mechanical reflection.

    Actually needs to worry too many, now overseas is easy in the big white shark the area which appears and disappears generally outside the beach to suppose the defense line, caused the big white shark to be unable easily to intrude people's active area, in the degree of security increased


    Side but I leave for the sea plays, sometimes or can worry has the big white shark to appear and disappear, although Kending that side not big white shark.

    It seems like that, wants in the people heart to eliminate to the big whiteshark's fear also has period of time!

    參考資料: Yahoo