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適逢績效考核期間,老闆陳小姐(Ms. Chen ),試著了解職員(James)業績不佳的原因,(James)提出解釋,並請求給改進的機會

It's performance review time, Ms. Chen is Jame's boss ,

James explain the reason of not meet quota, and asking a chance to improve.

Ms. Chen try to understand and provide her sugesstion.

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    It's time for the perfomance evaluation. Ms. chen, James's supervisor, is trying to understand why James didn't do as well as expected. James explains to her, and asks for the chance to improve the situation.

  • 適逢績效考核期間,老闆陳小姐(Ms. Chen ),試著了解職員(James)業績不佳的原因,(James)提出解釋,並請求給改進的機會

    Just happens to meet the period of the achievement inspection, the boss, Ms. Chen, tries to understand the reason of James’ not meeting the desired quota. James demonstrates his explanation and asks for more room for improvement.

    *Just happen to…適逢

    *desired quota 預期業績

    *ask for 請求

    *more room for improvement 更大的進步空間


    希望幫到你囉!!^ ^

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    It is time to review the company's performace.

    Ms. Chen is James' boss. James explains the reason of not meeting the desired quota, and asks for a chance to improve. Ms. Chen tries to understand the situation and provides her suggestion.


    1) 記得 he, she and it, 動詞都要加 S 喔 (ex. James (he) explain"s"))

    2) 你最後寫說 try to understand... 別人會不知道 Ms. Chen 想要了解什麼, 所以你要詳細說明.

    3) 假如一個人的名字後面事 s, 然後你想要說 他"的", 譬如說 James, 你那個 ' 就把它放在 s 後面.

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