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  • Linda
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    1 0 年前

    【歌名】:Trail Of Broken Hearts


    【專輯】:Inhuman Rampage (2006.01.09發行,2007.03.13再次發行)


    Here we are far beyond the distant sky

    We've seen all the world and how the story will be over

    Through the snow and tainted mountains we have climbed

    Now we have found the light that guides us over

    Through the fallen rain we travelled far and wide

    And through the blackest darkness

    Stars above shining bright

    Through the sun and winter rain we'll fall

    All our lives we have been waiting for a sound to call

    We're walking hand in hand in dreams and endless time

    How do we know when we will leave this life behind?

    Staring life through eyes of mine to hate the fear and the pain

    There's a feeling held deep inside - the life you live is in vain


    Fly away down the lonely roads of yesterday

    Close your eyes to see the light of latter days

    And all the memory that time can never heal

    With the trail of broken hearts flying free

    Once again we walk this lonely road

    There are times that we are wading through the rain and cold

    We're lost in memories of what we left behind

    Relive the dreams, the endless screams of pain inside

    Lives are filled with emptiness

    The fear returned once again

    Searching endlessly now we will see

    Drown your mind in the pain


    The last temptation will be all that's left for me

    When I see those tears you cry

    When I hear those lies you lie

    When I see your creation now for an enemy

    Is this the reason to be?


    The trail of broken hearts flying free




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