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It's lights out for household classic

Energy-guzzling filament bulbs are a burnt-out case

Waiting in the wings are cheap, efficient replacements

As icons of technology go, they don’t come much bigger or more enduring than the classic incandescent tungsten filament bulb.

It is one of the few technologies still in use more than a century after it was pioneered by inventors including Thomas Edison and Joseph Swan.

Now western governments are gunning for the humble light bulb because it wasters huge amounts of energy.

First to propose calling time was the state of California: on 31 January it unveiled the “how many a legislators does it take to change a light bulb act”, which, if passed, will ban the bulbs by 2012.

Three weeks later, Australia announced a plan to do Likewise. This month the UK Government promised to phase them out by 2011.

No wonder. Only 5 per cent of the electrical energy fed into the bulbs generates light. Because the rest is wasted as heat, a switch to energy-efficient alternatives offers huge scope for cutting carbon dioxide emissions from power stations burning fossil fuels, by reducing the amount of electricity they produce.

Reliable replacements are already available. First in line are compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), coiled-up versions of the fluorescent “tube” lights that are a familiar fixture in offices and factories.

Waiting in the wings are bulbs and lights based on light-emitting diodes (LEDs), microchips which pump out huge amounts of light for their size,and use a fraction of the energy of conventional bulbs.

Although LEDs are commonplace in car headlights and display screens, Technical deficiencies mean they cannot yet replace light bulbs to give warm, ambient lighting.

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    能量guzzle 細絲電燈泡是精疲力竭案件

    等待在翼便宜, 高效率的替換

    當技術像是, 他們笠頭’t 來更大或忍受比經典白熾鎢細絲電燈泡。

    它比一個世紀在它以後由發明者作早期工作在包括Thomas Edison 和約瑟夫天鵝仍然是少數技術的當中一個在使用中更多。


    首先提出呼叫時間是加利福尼亞州: 在1月31 日它揭幕 “多少立法者它採取對變動一次電燈泡行動”, 如果通過, 取締電燈泡將在2012 年以前。

    三個星期以後, 澳洲宣佈計劃做同樣。這個月英國政府許諾逐步採用他們在2011 年以前。

    難怪。只電能的百分之5 被灌輸電燈泡引起光。由於休息被浪費作為熱, 一個開關對省能源的選擇提議巨大的範圍為切口二氧化碳放射從發電站燒礦物燃料, 由減少相當數量電他們生產。

    可靠的替換已經是可利用的。首先在線是緊湊日光燈(CFLs), 是一套熟悉的裝置 “在” 辦公室和工廠螢光管光的捲起的版本。

    等待在翼電燈泡和光根據抽在巨大的相當數量光之外為他們的大小的發光二極管(LEDs), 微集成電路, 並且使用常規電燈泡能量的分數。

    雖然LEDs 是普遍的在汽車車燈和顯示屏裡, 技術缺乏手段他們無法替換電燈泡給溫暖, 四周照明設備。




    參考資料: 自己~
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    拜託! 請別用翻譯軟體或翻譯網站的結果湊數吧!

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    現在西方的政府正在為卑下的燈泡射擊因為它鑄損 .


    希望對你有幫助~ :)

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