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麻煩把下面的短劇翻譯成英文. 謝謝...急(麻煩英文高手)





















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    Jack: How is it going? Why do you look so tired?

    Ming: I am busy in my new proposal. My boss will review it the day after tomorrow.

    Jack: People said that your boss admires your capibility very much, and people guess you will be the candidate for the next general manager.

    Ming: I am glad to hear that. I just do what I should do.

    Jack: You should take care of yourself while you are busy in your project. Go to wash your face to awaken it.


    (However, Ming goes to the lady's restroom)

    Jane: Oh, My God….there is a deviant!

    Ming: No, I am not.Sorry.

    (Jane slaps him across his face.)

    Ming: you misunderstand me. I just go the wrong restroom and I'm not on purpose.

    Jane: Sorry to slap you. I should ask you why you are here first.

    Ming: That's all right as long as you don't misunderstand me.

    (Ming goes back his office and finishes his job. After doing it, he goes home to take some rest.)

    The next morning, Ming goes to work as usual.

    Jack: Ming, you look very good today.

    Ming: Yes, because I finished my proposal already.

    Jack: Your boss is looking for you.

    Ming: I am going to find him, too.

    (Ming goes to his boss' office.)

    參考資料: Me, English teacher
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    J: How are you doing these days? Why are you looking so tired?

    M: Been busy with a proposal lately! The boss want to look at it the day after tomorrow.

    J: I head your boss seems to favour you. The general manager position is no doubt going to be yours.

    M: No no, I just doing my job!

    J: You really should take care of yourself when you're so tired! Go wash up, then you'll look like you've got more energy!

    M: No problem

    Narrator: Ming walks to the toilet, but actually goes into the ladies' bathroom.

    Jw: Pervert...there's a pervert

    M: I'm not...

    Narrator: Jw smacks M in the face

    M: It's not what you think, I came in here by mistake

    Jw: I'm so sorry that I smacked you without hearing your explanation

    M: It's OK, as long as no misunderstanding!

    Narrator: then Ming went back to work, and went home to rest afterwards. The next morning, Ming goes to work as usua!

    J: You look well rested today!

    M: Yeah, it's because I finished the proposal!

    J: I hear the boss is looking for you

    M: I was about to go see him.

    Narrator: so Ming goes to find the boss

    參考資料: yours truly
  • 小董
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    Outstanding: How did you cross recently? Why seem in A that so tired!

    Ming: Been busy with the enterprise planning case recently! The boss will look the day after tomorrow.

    Outstanding: It is said that the boss has an optimistic view of you very much, it seems that you do not belong to a duty of general manager.

    Ming: Do not have! Thing that I should be done while only making oneself!

    Outstanding: It is so tired to see you, the health should well take care of too! Wash and seem to compare and have spirit the face like this!

    Ming: No problem

    Aside: Xiao Ming walks in the lavatory , but unexpectedly has gone to the women's lavatory

    Clean: Lecher ...There are lechers

    Ming: I am not ...

    Aside: Then hit bright hand clean

    Ming: You misunderstand me. I do not leave by mistake small ¨É

    Clean: Sorry, have not made it clear and slapped you in the face

    Ming: It doesn't matter, it is all right to misunderstand and explain!

    Aside: Then Xiao Ming goes back to run the company to work, finish coming back home to have a rest .

    By morning, bright just like going to work usually!

    Outstanding: Spirit seems very good today!

    Ming: It is A, because my enterprise planning case is complete!

    Outstanding: It is said that the boss looks for you again

    Ming: I am about to go to look for him

    Aside: Goes to look for a boss then bright