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There isn’t much likelihood of an uneducated, untrained man being hired to do three very different, highly professional jobs in his life. But a man named Ferdinand Waldo Demera accomplished just that. He was such a consummate actor that he wrote his own roles and played them out upon life’s broad stage.

Demera realized early that the only way he could succeed in life would be by using his special powers of deceit. To convince people of his qualifications, Demera forged signatures on an impressive array of references. Then his confident manner and convincing acting made him succeed in almost everything he tried. As a surgeon on a Royal Canadian ship during the Korean War, Demera performed 19 successful operations – and he had had no medical training.

Later, acting as a college professor in applied psychology, he was well liked and admired by both students and faculty. But the day came when Demera’s false identity was unconvered, so he was forced to keep a low profile for several years. Then he obtained a position as a guidance counselor in a prison. True to form, Demera turned in a very good performance and actually helped many of the inmates.


At first this new food creation was mad from scraps of poorer cuts of meat that were not used for anything else, but before long scraps were not enough. The demand for greater quantities of hamburger could only be met by using more and better cuts. Hamburger stands sprang up all over the country, and a side industry of condiments, such as ketchup and relish, grew up and prospered along with the popular hamburger.



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    對於一個未受過教育且未受過訓練的人來說,在他的生命中,被聘來做三件不同且高度專業的工作的可能性,幾乎是不可能的。但Ferdinand Waldo Demera 就做到了。他是這樣一位完美的演員, 在人生寬廣的舞臺他編寫並扮演了他自己的角色。

    Demera早就瞭解,他的人生若要成功唯一的方法,就是善用他欺騙的能力。說服他人認同他的的資格。 Demera 在一份令人印象深刻的推薦函上偽造簽名。接著他自信的態度與令人信服的舉動,使他所嘗試的一切皆大為成功。韓戰期間,他擔任皇家加拿大船隻上的外科醫生,並執行了19件成功的手術- 而他從未受過醫療訓練。

    後來, 他假扮成一位應用心理學方面的教授, 受到學生和教職員的喜愛與讚美。有天Demera 的假身分終於被揭發了, 他被迫低姿態沉潛了幾年。接著他獲得了一個職務 在監獄做諮詢顧問。一如往常, Demera表現的非常好且實際地幫助了許多囚犯。

    起初這項新食物的創作,是使用了較差的肉片的碎末,這些肉末從來不被使用。但不久以後,這些肉末卻不敷使用。為了應付對漢堡的大量需求,只有使用更多較好的肉片。漢堡店如雨後春筍遍及全國, 而調味品等週邊產業譬如番茄醬和佐料, 則與大眾化的漢堡一起成長和繁榮。

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