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知道The Birthmark英文強請進




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    The scientist who speaks a newly married finds beautiful cuckoldry on the face, there is one birthmark that is like a small palm sort.This Yin and don't show of small birthmark, but became the scientist's confident great trouble, occupy him is all thoughts and feelingses, the final decision wants to use surgical operation in addition to it is and then quick, and the scientist's beautiful wife is also the death of a woman is after removing the on the face birthmark.Although in the days to come of the critic inclines to be birthmark much the annotation of the metaphor, be thoughted as Puritanism medium of original offense, or fear sexual appetite with suppress, this"turn angry face" the novel You to spread Chen the man in the cultural subconscious tinily to the woman's body to reform engineering to get involved, carrying through the sex division of labour of the beautiful looks consciousness appearance on the other hand, the man requests flawless Ci of carrying out the woman also is also of false science on the other hand, attempt to turn over "create to get myth" of"the man is all got by woman", let "the woman all builds for the man".The birthmark of the leading role on the face, represent a person not perfect, or a kind of symbol of original offense


    希望對你有幫助~ :D

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