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Kim and her staff use computer-aided design (CAD) to create fabric designs for clients and transmit their designs electronically. The studio,s clients are American

corporations who produce fabrics in the United States and in the Far East. To keep current on trends in fabric design , Kim travels to all the European yarn and fabric

shows. To guide the work of the studio, Kim develops concept boards using photographs from magazines, swatches of developmental fabrics colleted at the trade

shows, and other inspiring bits and pieces . For any particular season , Kim develops four or five concert boards, each coordinated around a theme that captures the newness emerging among resources in Europe.

Kim started her business right after design school by working as a freelancer for one company─a contact she made while attending a trade show in Paris. She built the business by adding one or two clients a year and the staff needed to handle that volume of business .With all the news about marketplace turbulence and company mergers and acquisitions , Kim has begun to question the wisdom of depending on a few big clients for business survival. She recently attended a workshop for entrepreneurs in design fields where participants were urged to inventory the attributes of their companies that could marketed along with design products.

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    Kim為了把握對布料設計的趨勢,經常參加歐洲的紗和布料展.為了領導工作室的作品,Kim發展出了利用雜誌照片,從trade show裡收集來的具起發性布料和其它細碎的東西來做概念板.為了特定的season,Kim會做出四到五個結合了歐洲最新潮流的概念板.

    Kim的事業起點是一紙她在巴黎參加trade show時所訂的合約,她在畢業後以自由設計師的身份為那家公司工作.她架構起事業的方式是一年增加一到兩個顧客,並且依工作量來增加人員.


    trade show - 我不知道這個中文怎麼翻,就是為了聚集所有場商來形成規模經濟而舉行的展覽.

    參考資料: 在美國唸FD的我
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    Trade show-算是商展啦

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