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麻辣變王妃裡, 女主角打工時聽的歌






最後男主角....很浪漫 還說這是我們的愛之歌

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    演唱者 : Marc Cohn (馬克科恩 )

    曲名 : I Hope That I Don't Fall In Love With You Listen


    收錄在原聲帶裡第7首歌 ~~

    歌詞 ...

    Well i hope that i dont fall in love with you

    Cause falling in love just makes me blue

    Where the music plays a new display of hard for me to see

    I head a beer and now i hear you calling out for me

    And i hope that i dont fall in love with you

    Now the night does funny things inside a man

    These old tom cat feelings you dont understand

    I turn around a look at you you light a cigarette

    I wish i had the guts to bum one but we've never met

    And i hope that i dont fall in love with you

    I can see that you are lonesome just like me

    And it being late you'd like some company well i've had two i look

    At you and you look back

    At me the guy you're with is up

    And split that chair next to you is free

    And i hope that you dont fall in love with me

    Now it's closing time

    The music's fadding out

    Last call for drinks

    I have another staff

    I turn around and look at you

    You're no where to be found

    I search the place for your lost face

    And have another round

    And i think that i just fell in love with you


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