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Outside executives often have mixed emotions about working for family-owned businesses. Sometimes they resent the lack of control, while at others they feel honored to be a part of a close-knit team.

If you're thinking of signing on with a family-run company, realize from the start that issues will be handled differently and the environment and pressures will differ as well. At times, you might feel very comfortable or very insecure.

Consider the behind-the-scenes drama at Ford Motor Co. The heirs of founder Henry Ford have a controlling interest in the company. Chief Executive Officer Jacques Nasser was in the hot seat for months, thanks to the Firestone-tire fiasco and highly publicized decline in product quality. In fact, William Clay Ford Jr., a fourth-generation family member who had been groomed for three decades to take over Mr. Nasser's spot eventually decided to do just that.

Ford is one of the largest family-controlled companies in history and Mr. Nasser was one of the most powerful men in the global automotive industry. But the scenario that unfolded there resembles those at thousands of other family-owned companies across America.

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Whether at a corner hardware store, medium-sized manufacturing firm or family-dominated Fortune-500 colossus like Ford or Motorola Inc., nonfamily members play pivotal roles at these companies. And whether they're filling a generational gap in leadership, providing expertise lacking within the family, serving as peacemakers, mentoring scions or pitching in at mid-management, they're holding down some of the most politically delicate jobs in business.

This doesn't mean you can't succeed at a family-owned business. What's important if you're being recruited for a family firm is knowing the advantages and disadvantages of such a move when you lack a blood relationship.



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    想想福特汽車家族幕後的故事。創建者Henry Ford 的繼承人有意要接掌公司。但執行長Jacques Nasser已在位好幾個月了,若非Firestone 輪胎事件和產品品質下降的消息傳開,Jacques Nasser才被取代William Clay Ford Jr.。實際上這位第四代家族成員已被推薦了三十年了。


    無論是在街角的五金店、中型的製造公司或是由家族企業所控制的500 大企業例如Ford 或是 Motorola 公司,都有無親屬關係的人擔任著舉足輕重的角色。無論他們是企業領導人接班過程中的墊檔、提供家族企業所缺乏的專門技術、擔任調解人、督導企業的的後代、或是擔任中階管理者,他們都在保有一份最需小心處理的工作。


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    在董事之外經常有混雜的情感關於工作為家庭擁有的企業。有時他們再寄了缺乏控制, 當在其他方面他們感覺尊敬是一個緊密結合的隊的部份。

    如果您認為簽字以一個家庭公司, 意識到從一開始, 問題不同地將被處理並且環境和壓力將不同。時常, 您也許感到非常舒適或非常不安全。

    考慮幕後戲曲在福特Co 。創建者Henry Ford 的承繼人有控制股權在公司中。首席執行官Jacques □塞是在7尬局面為幾個月、由於Firestone 輪胎徹底失敗和高度公開的decline 在產品質量。實際上, 威廉黏土福特Jr., 修飾三十年接管□塞先生的斑點最終被決定做那的一個第四代家庭成員。



    是否在壁角五金店, 中等大小製造公司或被家庭控制的時運500 巨人喜歡Ford or Motorola Inc., 成員nonfamily 充當舉足輕重的角色在這些公司。並且是否他們填補世代空白在領導, 提供專門技術缺乏在家庭心頭, 擔當調解人, mentoring 的scions 或參加在中間管理, 他們最政治上持續一些精美工作在事務。


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