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翇仔 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前


At school, my favorite subject is Chinese.

The Chinese is the oldest language in the world.

When I read the collection of poems that ancients poet left, I can imagine how environment affect them to write.

I really admire their sprits.

I like to make friends and treat them heartily, but if my friends cheat me, I will very sad and despond.

My defect is moodiness.

At first, I don’t much understand what is International Trade.

Just know that is about import and export.

Now I know International Trade include trade procedure and operation.

I hope to find a job of trade in the future.

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  • wen
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    1 0 年前

    1.“Chinese”, not “the Chinese”.

    2. When I read poetry, I can image how the environment affected those poets’ thinking.

    3. I admire for their spirit.

    4. But if…, I’ll be very sad and desponded. (depressed)

    5. Moodiness is my defect.

    6. …I don’t really understand the International Trade. The first impression is that it involved importing and exporting. After doing the research, I realize (that) the procedure and the operation are also the biggest issues in the International Trade. I hope to learn more about the international trade in order to apply this specific area of knowledge in my future job.

    2007-04-26 01:12:26 補充:

    The first impression on it involv"es" importing and exporting.

    "In" the beginning...

    "at" shcool...

    參考資料: and so...
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  • 1 0 年前


    My favorite subject is Chinese in school since Chinese is the oldest language in the world.

    I can imagine how environment affects them to write when I read the poetry left by the ancients poets.

    I really admire their spirits.

    Meanwhile, I like to make friends and treat them heartily.

    However, I will be sad and depressed if they cheat on me.

    My defect is moodiness.

    At the beginning I don't know much about what International Trade is.

    All I know is about importing and exporting.

    Now I realize International Trade also includes procedures and operations.

    I hope to find a job related toTrade in the future.

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